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"The Wild Horse R. A. D. " is the realization of an idea, that had been floating around in the heads of two businessmen and friends for years.

One, Franz Lampl-Küssner, produces good wines and the other, Helmut Radl, great food. And because they both like to eat and drink well, and that Siebing is the Mecca of horseradish cultivation, they missed a "local, spiritual drink" for digestion.

With "The Wild Horse R. A. D. " they have now succeeded in creating an absolute innovation in the spirits sector, using the local horseradish. In years of meticulous attention to detail, decisive secrets were extracted from the horseradish and the fragrance and taste of these were packed into a great "Schnaps".

What could be more pleasant than to consume vitamin C, vitamins B1, B2 and B6 and many other building substances, as well as antibiotic mustard oils, in such a pleasant way.

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